Steam clean easily with BOBOT

15 seconds generate 100 degrees steam to kill bacteria and germs quickly. It leaves no water stains and do no harm to the floors. 370ml water tank could be detached easily to add water. 5 meters rope could allow machine to go freely.

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Smart Chip | Laser Navigation Systemn |Compound Clean Brush | 2700pa Suction Power | Quiet and Efficient |Auto Charging
Meet the BOBOT family of STEAM MOP
Your partners for a cleaner home
100 Degrees Steam

With 15 seconds heating, zop501 generates 100 degrees steam to clean the ground.


The high temperature steam could kill bacterial, germs, mites and so on.

Protect Your Family

The disinfection function of zop501 could protect you and your family away from bacteria and other germs.

Much Steam Cover More Area

The steam is enough to kill all the bacteria deep in the floors

5 Meters Rope Leads You To Go Anywhere

5 meters rope design is enough long to use and you will be never worry about limitation.

Easy To Push 

The Machine is easy to use, it adopts the ergonomics makes it scientifically fit for you.

Meet the BOBOT family of STEAM MOP
Your partners for a cleaner home
The BOBOT steam mop is the quick to use home clean appliance which could brings me more clean and pure living area.
Find the STEAM MOP that works for you
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Voltage   220V
Power   1500w
Water Tank Capacity   370ml
Length Of Rope   5m
Working Time   15-20min
Time of Generating Steam   15s
Gross Weight   3.2kg
Net Weight   2.8kg
Product Size   296*160*1200mm
Applicable Floors   Wood/ Tile/ Marbles
Optional Accessories   Extension Tube/ Iron Head/ Crevice Nozzle/Window cleaner/ Kitchen Clean Tool
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