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BOBOT will Attend IFA Berlin 2022

On September 4th 2022, IFA - Consumer ElectronicsUnlimited will officially openin Berlin, Germany. BOBOT Robotics Inc.will participate in the exhibition as invited, and show you the innovator in the home cleaning appliance industry - the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

The purpose of the company's participation in this exhibition is to learn, exchange and cooperate. We will make full use of this opportunity to communicate and negotiate with customers and distributors who come to visit, so as to further expand the popularity and influence of the BOBOT brand in the home cleaning appliance. Further study and understand the product characteristics of advanced enterprises in the same industry, so as to better improve BOBOT products and give full play to our own advantages.

In this exhibition, we will display the latest research and development of wet and dry vacuum cleaner, the terminator of wet garbage - BOBOT Deep 841 Pro.

During the 3 days exhibition, the staff of BOBOT Robotics Inc. will communicate with the visitors , and explain the use of the machine in detail to the inquirers at each step, so that the visitors can have a more intuitive and in-depth understanding of our products.

BOBOT Robotics Inc. have achieved long-term development in the home cleaning appliance industry in recent years, with remarkable achievements, a certain brand accumulation and steady development. With good market operation ability and product innovation advantages, we have emerged in the field of home cleaning appliance, because we know that "there is a long way to go". We will also continue to innovate products, accelerate the BOBOT brand building process, and create more high-quality products to make every family clean, make the world clean.

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