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Founded in 1954, the iF Design Award is one of the world's leading and most celebrated design competitions. It received a record 10,776 award submissions this year. After a preselection round, the final jurors assess the remaining entries based on five criteria – idea, form, function, differentiation, and impact.

Our purpose is to continuously innovate our products with new ideas and groundbreaking features so that consumers can enjoy superior, seamless cleaning. The ultimate experience must be sophisticated, powerful, and convenient; it is our mission to realize this vision."

The BOBOT WIN 3030 brims with innovative design and product features, It solves the problem of cleaning glass at high altitudes for millions of families.

It is enough to use when cleaning a large area of windows, tiles, marbles, and other flat surfaces. With the Tuya Smartphone, you will know the state of window cleaning. With just a touch of the button, the machine will go at any time.

And the brushless motor generates 2800pa suction power to make the robot stuck onto the window stable. It is adopted photoelectric and physical edge sensors to make the robot know where is the edge of the window and would not drop onto the ground. Moreover, the robot has a 650mAh inner battery pack to support itself and stay on the window for more than 35min after a power cut.

BOBOT places a heavy emphasis on R&D and design, and this is reflected in its series of technological and product breakthroughs. Launched at the end of 2021, its new flagship product, the BOBOT Deep 841 cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaner, is a revolution for vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner is popular for decades, which could only deal with dry garbage, like pet hair, debris, and particles, but how to suck up water, milk, noodle, jam, cheese… this wet garbage? Now with BOBOT DEEP841, wet garbage will be terminated. This achievement stems from BOBOT's unwavering focus on fostering innovation; in fact, more than 50% of BOBOT's workforce are engineers, while the R&D department hosts weekly seminars, which non-engineers are encouraged to attend. Buoyed by this culture of innovation, BOBOT is dedicated to creating a new era of intelligent, convenient, and delightful cleaning experiences. 

About BOBOT Robotics Established in 2011, BOBOT Robotics Inc. is an innovative consumer product company that focuses on smart home cleaning appliances with the vision to make the world clean. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information, please visit BOBOT's website:www.bobot.com.

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