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With powerful suction force, win spider could stay on the window stably. Just press the switch button, the machine could detect the edge of window automaticly and plan its working path with high efficiency. When it finishes the job, it will returns to start point and it has inner battery to keep it stay more 30min after power failure. So you will never worry about its drop onto the ground.

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Smart Edge Clean Sensors | 2600pa Suction Power | Remote Control | Intelligent Working Path Plan | High Efficient Working Speed |Safety Rope
BOBOT® Robot Window Cleaner
BOBOT® Robot Window Cleaner
Robot Window Cleaner
BOBOT® Robot Window Cleaner
Robot Window Cleaner
Meet the BOBOT family of Robot Window Cleaner
Your partners for a cleaner home
Smart Edge Clean Sensors

The Win Spider features 4 edge sensors:2 are Photoelectric Edge Sensors, 2 are Ultrasonic Edge Sensors,

2600pa Suction Power

The best vacuum core generates 2600pa high suction power, makes machine stable when it on the window.

Remote Control

The window cleaner controlled by remote control which could put “N”,“Z” path and “auto” path contents your requirements.

Intelligent Working Path Plan

The machine equipped has a smart “brain” that could know where to go and how to reduce working time.

High Efficient Working Speed

The working speed of window robot is 2min/m², which is the fastest robot in the market.

Safety Rope

The robot equipped with a safety rope, which guarante the safe of robot when the cut of the electricity.

Meet the BOBOT family of Robot Window Cleaner
Your partners for a cleaner home
The new BOBOT Win Spider remarkably makes high floor clean easier and cheap for every family, with water spray function makes window clean more efficient.
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WIN 701
Rated Voltage   DC 24V 3.75A   DC 24V 3.75A
Rated Power   75w   72w
Battery Capacity   650mAh   650mAh
Water Spray   No   Yes
Clean Speed   2min/m²   2.5min/m²
Suction Power   2600Pa   2600Pa
App Control   No   Yes
Remote Control   Yes   Yes
Voice Reminder   No   Yes
Sensors   Ultrasonic+Infrared sensors   Infrared sensors
Dimension   25*25*7.2cm   25*24*8.58cm
Net Weight   1.25kg   1.5kg
Safety Rope   Yes   Yes
Edge Detect Sensor   4pcs   4pcs
Anti Stuck Ring   2pcs   12pcs
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