BOBOT - AI Technology

BOBOT builds amazing AI Technology, keep pace with innovations in deep learning algorithms, and meet the diverse processing, memory, and connectivity requirements across mobile, IoT, data center, automotive, and digital home applications.

BOBOT - Wet And Dry Technology

BOBOT wet and dry technology adopts wet vacuum technology into the dry vacuum market. With it, the water, liquid, noodles and even cheese could be sucks up easily. And the water curtain technology could continuously supply with fresh clean water to wash floors and carpet.

BOBOT - High Floor Clean Technology

BOBOT robot window cleaner generates more than 2500Pa suction power to firmly stick onto the high floor windows meanwhile it could plan the path by itself according to the size of windows and “think of” best way to clean. With the water spray function, you will never need to spray water on the window by yourself any more.

BOBOT - Cyclone Separation Technology

With the advanced cyclone separation technology, BOBOT vacuum cleaner could balance the energy consumption, convert more of the energy into vacuuming and lower the pollution to the air. Meanwhile the dust could also be separated from inhaling to human body.

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