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BOBOT DEEP841 The vacuum cleaner is popular for decades, which could only deal with dry garbage, like pet hair, debris, and particles, but how to suck up water, milk, noodle, jam, cheese… this wet garbage? Now with BOBOT DEEP841, wet garbage will be terminated.Watch VideoClick to buyBOBOT DEEP841The vacuum cleaner is popular for decades, which

ZOP 501

BOBOT ZOP501 BOBOT ZOP501 Steam Mop is multiple used, 15 seconds injects steam onto the ground, and it could clean and disinfects floors, remove oil from kitchen occasions, even iron clothes.Watch VideoClick to buyBOBOT ZOP501BOBOT ZOP501 Steam Mop is multiple used, 15 seconds injects steam onto the ground, and it could clean and disinfects floors,

Win Spider Pro

BOBOT WIN SPIDER PRO How dirt on your house windows outside of the tall building? Many families maybe clean it several times because it is difficult to touch. So wiping a window will be dangerous and laborious. BOBOT Win spider pro adopted two water tanks to make spray while working.Watch VideoClick to buyBOBOT WIN SPIDER

Win Spider

BOBOT WIN SPIDERHow to clean outer window of high floors? You may say “i could use mop cloth”, or “i could hire a spiderman to clean” or most of people haven’t cleaned high floor windows before. Because it’s laborious and dangerous. But with BOBOT win spider this will be no problem any more.Watch VideoClick to


BOBOT SOP610 New integrated vacuum and mop cleaner is here. Don’t need to worry to clean the floor anymore. Our BOBOT SOP610 adopted big dustbin and two spinning mop heads, it vacuumming while mopping the floor. It also has water spraying function, makes wet clean, waxing easily. The detachable design of handheld vacuum is also


BOBOT DEEP841 PRO Do you want a fashionable floor washer? Put one set in your hall, it will not only give you a clean and tidy environment and show you the good taste of your choice. With longer battery life, it could works up to 40min, content for your clean needs. With water electrolysis disinfection

NAVI 908

BOBOT NAVI 908 Are you tired of bending your body onto the ground to wipe the floor? Which is time-consuming and laborious. Now use our Laser-navigation Navi 908 Robot vacuum cleaner with a 5000mAh LG Li battery which could work for more than 180min without feeling any pain in your waist.Watch VideoClick to buyBOBOT NAVI


BOBOT MOP ROD MOP ROD is superior model of electric mop with UV light to kill bacteria 99%, and the material is made from Aviation Materials, makes the machine very light and fashionable. It could mop, waxi, and disinfect the floors give you a clean house.Watch VideoClick to buyBOBOT MOP RODMOP ROD is superior model

MOP 8600S

  automatic cordless electric mop with spraying water, detachable battery

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